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Came to my house just to say goodbye omg vivi I love you so much I’m gonna miss youuuuu your the best cacaface ever I’m gonna cry again aha omg I’m so emotional right now:/ love you hope it goes by fast I’ll be careful see you soon vivis thanks @_lovegeny for driving her

I’m gonna miss this hoe so much I’m crying right now omg this is the last time I’m gonna see her till I come back she made me a different person I will miss her so much I love you Barbie we will have more memories to come

Happy Birthday Maggie I love you o can trust you with anything and you give the best advice I don’t know what I would do without you in my life you help me with anything and I Dan always just vent with you and we are both so slow Ahaha we stay up late just talking and those conversations mean a lot to me I live you Maggie happy Birthday your old.!!! Aha (:

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